Library @ GCEE

GCEE to initiate requisite action to establish a Digital Knowledge Centre for the benefit of its user community. It is imperative that this Centre needs to be improvised to extend its services to a wider access. The prime objective of this Digital Knowledge Centre is to access to the information resources of various libraries and information services both internal and external, all in one place, enabling users to search, browse and download any required data needed quickly and easily. The colossal central library, which houses 9555 books under an all-encompassing array of 6500 titles, plays a vitalpart in ensuring effective and ef􀃡cient dissemination of knowledge andaugmenting the intellectual power of our college. The library is open to staffand students from 8.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. on all business days for the purpose Information retrieval and services. Document delivery and Reprographicfacilities are also offered by the Library. Standard barcodes are used to identify resources and users.

>Procedure for using Library in GCEE

  • Internet facility is open for the registered users of the Library only. No outsider will be allowed to use this facility.
  • Users should produce the Identity Card at Counter and collect the same after browsing.
  • Users are advised to make use of this facility only to support their academic and research activities.
  • Users are advised to help in identifying unauthorized users, since this facility is for the registered users only.
  • Maintain silence while working in the Digital Library
  • Do not change any of the computer configurations.
  • Do not download/ install any software from any website.
  • Do not bring any personal computer gadget inside the Digital Library.
  • In case of any computer operational or access problem, report to the Digital Library in-charge
  • Internet and intranet access is limited to academic pursuit only i.e. subscribed online databases/ e-journals/ institute websites/ NPTEL web course/ Open source educational sites and the like.
  • Access to Orkut, e-mails, google talks, online chatting/ playing games on computers is strictly prohibited in the entire Digital Library premises and Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.
  • Users are not allowed to share their net access ID and Password with other students

Book Resources

Book Details

S.No Categories Of Books No. of Volumes No. of Titles
1 Mechanical Engineering 6269 3662
2 Electrical & Electronics Engineering 5030 3229
3 Computer Science & Engineering 44280 3355
4 Information Technology 3031 1831
5 Civil Engineering 4248 2432
6 Science & Humanities 4492 3018
7 Automobile Engineering 2931 1587
8 M.E-Computer Science Engineering 54 31
9 M.E-Structural Engineering 1174 624
10 Master of Computer Applications 5011 1941
11 Electronics & Communication Engineering 5439 2581

Online E-Journals


S.No Disciplines Publisher's
1 Automobile Engineering Innovative ACR, Pollution Research, Energy and Fuel users Journal,
Motor India, Auto car professional, Manufacacturing Technology Today
2 Electrical & Electronics Engineering IEEEMA Journal, Ind. Jr. of Power and Valley Development,
Electrical India, Jr. of Advanced Research in EEE, Signals and Telecommunication Journal, Translation of Machine Design.
3 Computer Science & Engineering Journal of Recent Trends in CSE, Journal of Networking Technology,
Journal of E-Technology, Journal of Data Processing, Progress in computing applications, Data Quest.
4 Information Technology IETE Journal of Research, LINUX for You, Jr. of Digital Information Management,
Journal of Information Security Research, International Jr.of Inf.studies, CHIP.
5 Civil Engineering Indian Concrete Journal, Bridge and Structural Engineering, Indian Construction,
Civil Engineering construction Review, Indian Highways, Indian Journal of Transport Management.
6 Science & Humanities Indian Journal of Chemical Tech, Parmana Journal of Physics, Employment News, WISDOM,
University NEWS, CSR, GK Today, Gjpa jiyKiw, Gjpa jiyKiw fy;tp
7 Mechanical Engineering Indian Foundry Journal, The Machinist, Journal of Manufacturing Engineering,
Indian Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, Journal of Energy, Heat and Mass Transfer.
8 M.E-Computer Science Engineering Journal of Recent trends in CSE, Jr. of Information Organization,
Progress in Machines & Systems, Jr. of Information Tech. Review, Journal of Electronic Systems.
9 M.E-Structural Engineering Advances in Vibration Engineering, Bulletin of Material Science,
Journal of Structural Engineering, Resonance Journal of Science Ed, Indian Journal of Engineering Material Science, ACI Structural Journal.
10 Master of Computer Applications International of Journal of Web Technology, International Jr. of Computational Linguistic Research,
Journal of Information and systems Management, Journal of Intelligent Computing, Information Security Educational Journal, PC Quest,
Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Proceedings Mathematical Science, Business India.
11 Electronics & Communication Engineering Electronics for You, IETE Technical Review, Journal of Advances in ECE,
Indian Journal of Telecommunication, Progress in signals and Telecomm, Electronic Devices.