Civil Engineering

Designing and executing structural works requires a great amount of analyzing, understanding and planning. A Skilled civil engineer plays a crucial role in infrastructure development. He or She has to be a construction and environment specialist besides being a versatile systems integrator. Modern day hi-tech construction management systems require a thorough knowledge in information technology. Keeping this in mind, IRT Tech imparts training to civil engineering students with the latest curriculum besides offering them an opportunity to gain hands-on experience though visits to industries and project sites. The budding architects of the future also gain from the guest lectures organized by the institutions.

Department Facilities

The department of civil engineering has modern equipped class rooms, faculty rooms and highly established seven laboratories to enhance the understanding of the concepts through practical exposure.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • Civil Engineering is one of the oldest Engineering disciplines and refers to the design, construction, and maintenance of structures integral to the public, such as roads, dams, bridges, canals, and buildings.
  • The discipline of Civil Engineering at I.R.T.T., focuses on a multifaceted growth of students and is designed to equip them not only with the core theoretical and practical fundamentals of the discipline, but also evolve them into confident individuals, ready to make an impact on whatsoever profession (industrial work, research, entrepreneurship) they choose to pursue. Currently, the department offers B.E, M.E and Ph.D degrees with specializations in Structural Engineering.
Programme Outcomes (POs)

    On completion of the B.E(Civil Engineering) degree the Graduates will be able to:

    • Foundation for work on site: Ability to understand and demonstrate ability to visualize & work on site quality control systems through consultancy work in the department.
    • Application of knowledge: Ability to apply knowledge in various fields to provide solution to new ideas and innovations through the departmental expertise in various fields like Structural, Geotechnical, Water resource, Environmental, Transportation, Quality control, Surveying, Remote sensing & GIS, Project management
    • Foundations of Tendering and Professional Agencies: Ability to follow the procedure in various Governmental, Non-Governmental, Private Civil Engineering agencies with professional skills and knowledge of tendering and various construction work sanctions.
    • Problem Solving: Ability to identify, formulate, and find the solution for complex problems of civil engineering by applying the knowledge of mathematics, science and principles of civil engineering.
    • Design: Ability to apply civil engineering design principles to produce solutions that meet specified needs with consideration of public health, safety, and welfare, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors;
    • Conduct investigation of complex problems: Ability to use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions related to Civil Engineering problems
    • Modern tool usage: Ability to create, select, and apply suitable techniques, resources, and modern engineering tools such as CAD, STAAD, etc., and modelling to complex Civil Engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations
    • Professional and Ethical Responsibility: Support the society with solutions to various Civil Engineering problems focusing on sustainable development and upholding Professional ethics.
    • Teamwork: Ability to perform effectively in a team whose members together provide leadership, create a collaborative and inclusive environment, establish goals, plan tasks, and meet objectives

    On completion of the M.E (Structural Engineering) degree the Post Graduates will beable to:

    • An ability to independently carry out research /investigation and development work to solve practical problems.
    • An ability to write and present a substantial technical report/document.
    • An ablity to demonstrate a degree of mastery for designing and solving Structural Engineering problems
    • An ability to demonstrate the traits of learning and unlearning throughout his professional career, and be willing to learn new techniques, methods and processes
    • Tune his knowledge to be a responsible Engineer adhering to all established practices of his profession.
    • Exposer to advanced courses in analysis, and Design of RC, PSC and Steel Structures as per the latest design codes, current national and international scenario on Structural Engineering.
    • Abiliy to address the societal needs by interdisciplinary approach through advanced courses such as Finite Element Analysis, Plates & Shell structures, Structural Dynamics, Soil Dynamics, and allied courses.
    • The graduate students enriched with hands on training on latest equipment / software to be industry ready / pursue advanced research.
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering programs require candidates to be innovative, critical thinkers who can apply theory to practice.
    • The Ph.D program is designed to prepare each student to actively participate in the development and growth of the field of Civil Engineering at all levels in the Industry or in Research and Teaching in a University or a Research organization.
    • The program provides rigorous research training to doctoral students in contemporary



Head of the Department, Dept. of Civil Engineering, GCEE.

Qualification: M.E.,

Experience : 33 Years

Area of Specialization : Structural Engineering

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Associate Professor
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S.No Project Title Funding Agency Amount Period
1 Study on prevention of corrosion of RCC structural elements All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Rs.3,00,000 2 Years
2 Analysis of Road Accidents involving STU Buses. AICTE Rs.5,00,000 2 Years
3 Earthquake Resistant Design of multi-storage Buildings DST Rs.8,88,000 ----
4 Kaplan Turbine Test Rig for Hydraulics Lab Donated by Silver Jubilee alumnini Mr. P.Arun Rs.2,50,000 ----
5 Road Accident Analysis and Monitoring for a NH Stretch incorporating Traffic and Highway Factors NIT-Tirchy Rs.1,00,000 ----

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