Electronics and Communication Engineering

Communication Technology is driving our lives like never before. With IT improving system efficiencies, the demand for quality electrical and communication engineers continues to soar. Major IT and corporations are forever on the look out for qualitative talent. A talent that continues to imbibe new technologies and still develop newer ones. A talent that is comfortable with the latest hardware and software. Finally, a talent that has the creative ability to invent and innovate.

Access to Computing

Our students have access to some of the best learning tools that include 24x7 access to computing, digital library, internet resources and information services. Our students are programmed to be in sync with the evolving needs of the industry. They regularly visit leading IT Organisations in India and keep themselves updated with latest in the field.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • To enable the students to provide solutions to complex problems and to build new products by educating them with strong fundamental and advanced techniques.
  • To provide solutions to problems identified by giving training to the students related to area of specialization and develop innovative research oriented methods.
  • To enable the electronics and communication engineering graduates to continue higher studies in reputed institutions, to pursue standard research and to have successful career both in academic and industries.
Programme Outcomes (POs)
    On completion of the course the graduate students will be able to
  • Apply the fundamental concepts of electronics and communication engineering for analyzing, designing and providing solutions to this engineering field.
  • Apply the knowledge acquired in the electronics and communication engineering for developing high standard products for scientific and other engineering applications.
  • Adapt to thrust areas in information and communication technologies (ICT) to innovate new products and solutions to the problems related to new trends.



Head of the Department, Dept. Of ECE, IRTT.

Qualification: ME.,

Experience : 30 Years

Area of Specialization : Microwave Engineering

Conference & Journals : 2 & 2

   Contact Number :+91-9842765554

   E-Mail ID :raja@irttech.ac.in


Patent filed (or) Granted

Applicant & Innovator Name Patent 
Patent filed
Date, Month & Year
Patent Filed Title Patent Journal
R.Senthilkumar 201841033876 09/09/2018 A Fast Accurate Face Recognition System using Combined Wavelet Decomposition System and Correlation Test System Published Date:
part2: 37/2018


Author Name Registration number/ Diary number Date, Month & Year Copyright Filed Title Class of Work
Dr.R.Senthilkumar L-72758/2018 January 2018 A Novel Artificial Neural Network and 2DPCA Based Hybrid Approach for Face Recognition Literary
Dr.R.Senthilkumar 11876/2018-Co/Sw September 2018 Automatic Rearrangement of Face Images in Train Set Face Database Based on Correlation Statistics Using Scilab Software Computer Software
Dr.R.Senthilkumar L-85333/2019 July 2019 Statistical Measures to Test the Stability of Face Recognition Approach: Duplicating Human Faces based on Cross-correlation study Literary
Dr.R.Senthilkumar Dr.R.Valarmathi L-93372/2020 July 2020 Machine Learning Based Classification of Contaminated Drinking Water using Raspberry pi Embedded System and IoT Device Literary
Dr.R.Senthilkumar SW-14014/2020 December 2020 Automatic rearrangement of face images in train set face database based on correlation statistics using Scilab software Software

Projects Completed

Project title Principle Investigator Duration of the project Month & Year of Completion Sponsor/Grant Received Project submitted to Agencies
Lab Migration Communicati-on System Laboratory Dr.R.Senthilkumar Assistant Professor 3 Months September 2012 10000 (MHRD through IIT Bombay) IIT Bombay
Lab Migration – Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Dr.R.Senthilkumar Assistant Professor 3 Months September 2012 10000 (MHRD through IIT Bombay) IIT Bombay
Keeping Bridges Safe: New Imaging Program Automatically Detects Irregularities in Bridges Dr.R.Senthilkumar Assistant Professor 1 Month OCT 2012 - IRT Tarama-ni Chennai

Workshop/Seminar/FDP/SDP Organised

S.No Workshops /Seminar /FDP /SDP Coordinators /Organizer Sponsor Grant received(Rs.)
1 Intensive Workshop on “MATLAB for Research Applications” 26.6.2009 to 28.6.2009 M.Raja, ASP/ECE Dr.R.Senthilkumar, AP/ECE Self Supported --
2 Two Day Workshop on “Open Source Signal Processing Software Scilab” 18-07-2009 to 19-07-2009 S.Shanmugam, ASP/ECE Dr.R.Senthilkumar, AP/ECE IIT Bombay MHRD India 40,000/-
3 One Day Workshop on NI LabVIEW September 2009 Dr.G.Balasubrmanian Dr.P.K..Kowsalya Dr.P.Kaliram Self Supported --
4 One Day Workshop on Reneases Micrcontroller September 2009 Dr.R.Senthilkumar Mrs.N.Madhavi Self Supported --
5 One Day Workshop on “Replacing Matlab using Open Source Scilab for Digital Signal Processing Lab Applications” 10-09-2011 Dr.R.Senthilkumar One Day Workshop on “Digital Image Processing using Scilab and Its Atoms IPD & SIVP” 17-09-2011 16,000/-
6 One Day Workshop on “Digital Image Processing using Scilab and Its Atoms IPD & SIVP” 17-09-2011 Dr.R.Senthilkumar IIT Bombay MHRD India 13,000/-
7 One day workshop on Interfacing LabVIEW with MATLAB & Scilab and Real Time DAQ 22.09.2012 Dr.R.Senthilkumar IIT Bombay MHRD India 8,000/-
8 One day workshop on Engineering Applications using Python 29.09.2012 Dr.R.Senthilkumar IIT BombayMHRD India 15,000/-
9 AICTE Sponsored Faculty Development Programme on Application of Open Source Free Software in Electronics, Telecommunication & Engineering 02.06..2013 to 15.06.2013 Dr.R.Senthilkumar AICTE, India 3,68,885/-
10 C and C++ training Workshop 28.01.2015 Dr.R.Senthilkumar OrganizerSpoken-Turoial.org MHRD Free
11 KiCAD training Workshop 28.08.2015 Dr.R.Senthilkumar OrganizerSpoken-Tutorial.org MHRD Free
12 Java training Workshop 30.03.2016 Dr.R.Senthilkumar Organizer Spoken-Tutorial.org MHRD Free
13 Python training Workshop 28.02.2017 Dr.R.Senthilkumar OrganizerSpoken-Tutorial.orgMHRD Free
14 Scilab training Workshop 28.02.2017 Dr.R.Senthilkumar OrganizerSpoken-Tutorial.orgMHRD Free
15 Cpp online test 20.03.2017 Dr.R.Senthilkumar OrganizerSpoken-Tutorial.orgMHRD Free
16 Java online test 21.03.2017 Dr.R.Senthilkumar OrganizerSpoken-Tutorial.orgMHRD Free
17 Python online test 21.03.2017 Dr.R.Senthilkumar OrganizerSpoken-Tutorial.orgMHRD Free
18 Scilab online test 24.03.2017 Dr.R.Senthilkumar OrganizerSpoken-Tutorial.orgMHRD Free
19 LaTex online test 28.03.2017 Dr.R.Senthilkumar OrganizerSpoken-Tutorial.orgMHRD Free
20 Introduction to Scientific Computing using Python 06.09.2018 Dr.R.Senthilkumar FOSSEE, IIT Bombay Organizer Free
21 Workshop on Embedded and Real Time Systems 19.08.2019 to 22.08.2019 Dr.R.Senthilkumar AECE of I.R.T.T Self supported Free
22 IRTT Design Contest 2020
IRTT Design Contest 2021
Dr.R.Senthilkumar IRTT Alumni Association Rs.11,500
23 Workshop on Python for SignalProcessing algorithm Implementation Dr.R.Senthilkumar www.python.org Python software foundation USD300
24 2 days seminar on Replacing proprietary software in the field of signal. Audio and Image processing using Python and its libraries Dr.R.Senthilkumar Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology, Ministry of Higher Education, Govt. of Tamilnadu Rs.19,270
25 Galaxy2022 - Hardware and Software Expo on 27.5.2022 Dr.R.Senthilkumar Self Supported --

Books Publications

S.No Authors Name Title of the Books Publisher Year & Edition
1 Dr.R.Senthilkumar, Assistant Prof. Signals and Systems Anuradha Publications, Chennai 2012, 2nd Edition
2 Dr.R.Senthilkumar, Assistant Prof. Digital Signal Processing and Its Applications (with Scilab Progams) Garuda Learning, Chennai 2017, 2nd Edition
3 Dr.R.Senthilkumar, Assistant Prof. Electromagnetic Fields Garuda Learning Chennai 2017, 2nd Edition
4 Dr.R.Senthilkumar, Assistant Prof. Analog and Digital Communication Anuradha Publications Chennai 2015, 1st Edition
5 Dr.R.Senthilkumar, Assistant Prof. Circuit Theory YesDee Chennai 2017
6 Dr.R.Senthilkumar, Assistant Prof. Electric Circuits Theory and Analysis YesDee Chennai 2018


S.No Faculty name Awards/Honors/Achievements Year
1 Dr.G.Balasubramanian & Dr.G.Gowrison IEEE publication IEEE Signal Processing Letter Vol.22(10), Impact factor: 3.268 Title: Performance Improvement of Average Based Spatial Filters through Multilevel Preprocessing using Wavelets Oct’2015
2 Dr.P.Kaliram
Assistant Prof.
Honors: NPTEL Topper Rank 1 Subject: Modern Digital Communication Techniques Jan-Apr’2019
3 Dr.P.K.Kowsalya
Assistant Prof.
Received Appreciation Certificate from Texas Instruments for the NPTEL Course “Embedded System Design using MSP430 MCU”. MOOC course. June 2020-Dec 2020

Events organized during COVID’19 Pandemic Period MAY 2020- Coordinator:Dr.R.Senthilkumar

S.No Type of the Event Name of the Event Date of the Event Number of Participants Intra college/ Inter college/ National Level program
1 Technical Quiz Technical Quiz on Electronic Circuits 6th May 2020 40 Intra College
2 Technical Quiz Technical Quiz on Electronic Devices 8th May 2020 77 Inter college
3 Technical Quiz Technical Quiz on Electronic Circuits 9th May 2020 290 National Level
4 Workshop Workshop on NI Multisim 10th May 2020 45 Inter college
5 Workshop Workshop on NI Multisim 12th May 2020 64 National Level
6 Webinar Python for Digital Image Processing 14th May 2020 69 National Level
7 Software Quiz Python Basics 16th May 2020 390 National Level
8 Software Quiz Python for Data Science Engineers 19th May 2020 322 National Level
9 Webinar Open Source Software Scilab for Engineering Applications 21st May 2020 40 National Level
10 Software Debugging Open Source Scilab 24th May 2020 211 National Level
11 Short Term Training Program Image Processing using OpenCV and Python 26th May 2020 32 National Level
12 Short Term Training Program Video Processing using OpenCV and Python 31st May 2020 25 National Level

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