Mechanical Engineering

Globalization has forced the manufacturing sector to adopt innovative production processes. The shop floors of modern day industries have become a highly automated. There is tremendous pressure to deliver products matching world-class quality. Therefore it has become mandatory for engineers to arm themselves with the necessary cutting-edge technologies. At IRT Tech, our students are well trained in all facets of Mechanical Engineering aided by state-of- the-art facilities. Besides specialized CAD/CAM laboratories, our students have access to specialized design software like Pro/E, CATIA, UNI GRAPHIX, IDEAS etc., The curriculum consists of a balanced mix of theory, principles and practice. Our students regularly undergo in plant training in some of the most prestigious industries.

Access to Computing

Our students have access to some of the best learning tools that include 24x7 access to computing, digital library, internet resources and information services. Our students are programmed to be in sync with the evolving needs of the industry. They regularly visit leading IT Organisations in India and keep themselves updated with latest in the field.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • Mechanical engineering is all about movement and machines, including the human body, the most complex machine.
  • To produce world class mechanical engineering graduates by making them to learn state of art technologies.
  • Mechanical engineers need a deep understanding of physics, mathematics and materials to design components ranging in size from cellular matrices for tissue engineering, to cooling systems for hot underground mines and also to hardware for military machinery and medical prosthetics.
Programme Outcomes (POs)
  • On completion of the Program, Mechanical Engineering graduates will be well conversant to design, develop, build and test mechanical equipments and thermal devices especially for automotive, aerospace and defense sectors.
  • Mechanical Engineering works mostly in engineering services, research developments and manufacturing.
  • By imparting practical experience through live and novel projects and 4 weeks internship exposure in reputed Mechanical industries, enabling mechanical engineering graduates industry ready.


Dr.S.Tharves mohideen

Head of the Department, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Qualification: ME.,PGDCA.,Ph.D

Area of Specialization : Heat Transfer Energy, Refregiation and Air Conditioning

Conference & Journals : 17 & 13

Book : 1

   Contact Number :+91-93667 24100

   E-Mail ID


Associate Professor
Assistant Professor



S.No Project Title Funding Agency Investigator(s) Amount Year
1 Design and development of dynamic facility layout design toolkit. DST,Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs. 5.04 lakhs 2007-2010
2 Tribological and corrosion studies on Soya Bean Oil based Lubricants for Diesel Engines DRDO Dr.K.Balamurugan, Dr.K.Mayilsamy Rs. 2.75 lakhs 2009-2010
3 PC based Data acquisition system for IC Engine AICTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan, Dr.K.Mayilsamy Rs. 2.67 lakhs 2009-2010
4 Modernisation of CAM lab. with CNC turning center AICTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs. 8.83 lakhs 2013-2014
5 Entrepreneurship Development Cell AICTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs. 3.0 lakhs 2013-2015
6 Making Biomass briquette from water hyacinth and energy evaluation. TNSCST, Chennai Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs. 2.2 lakhs 2013-2015
7 Development of Scroll air compressors for automative applications WABCO India Ltd Dr.S.Tharves Mohideen Rs.10.00 Lakhs 2012


S.No Title Funding Agency Coordinator Amount Year
1 FDP on Thermal Engineering Anna University, Chennai Dr.K.Mayilsamy Rs. 15,000 2005
2 Renewable Energy-Energy for the Future TEDA, Chennai Dr.K.Mayilsamy Rs. 5,000 2005
3 FDP on Engineering Thermodynamics Anna University, Chennai Dr.K.Mayilsamy Rs. 15,000 2006
4 SDP on Recent trends in Manufacturing System Design and Optimization AICTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs. 1,80,000 2007
5 National Conference on E-Factory DoIT, New Delhi CSIR, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan Dr.K.Mayilsamy Rs. 50,000 2007
6 STTP on Recent Trends in Robotics and Automation ISTE, New Delhi Dr.S.Selvi Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs. 90,000 2008
7 Three day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp ISTE, New Delhi Dr.S.Tharves Mohideen Rs. 15,000 2008
8 National Level Quiz competition covering Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Aspects ISHRAE, Chennai Dr.S.Tharves Mohideen -- 2008
9 National Conference on Soft Computing CSIR, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan, Dr.K.Mayilsamy Rs. 25,000 2009
10 SDP on AI Application in Manufacturing AICTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs. 2,00,000 2009
11 One Day workshop on Green Building and Energy Conservation Building Code ISHRAE, Chennai Dr.S.Tharves Mohideen Rs. 10,000 + Experts from HVAC Industries for Lectures 2009
12 One Day Workshop on Recent Trends in Air Conditioning ISTE, New Delhi Dr.S.Tharves Mohideen Rs. 10,000 + Experts from HVAC Industries for Lectures 2010
13 ISTE Workshop on Heat Transfer ISTE, New Delhi(in association with IIT - Bombay) Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs. 2,00,000 2011
14 SDP on Nano materials - Synthesis, Characteristics & Engineering applications. AICTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs. 7,00,000 2011
15 ISTE Workshop on Writing Effective Conference papers. ISTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs. 50,000 2012
16 ISTE Workshop on Computational Fluid Dynamics. ISTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan, Dr.R.Senthilraja Rs. 1,00,000 2012
17 ISTE Workshop on Introduction to Research Methodologies. ISTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs. 1,00,000 2012
18 One-day Workshop on Nano Materials. IRTT, Erode Dr.K.Balamurugan -- 2012
19 ISTE Workshop on Aakash for Education. ISTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan -- 2012
20 One day Science Awareness Programme. IRTT, Erode(in association with IGCAR, Chennai) Dr.K.Balamurugan -- 2016
21 ISTE Workshop on Electric Power Systems ISTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan,Dr.Govindasamy Rs.66,710 2017
22 AICTE-ISTE Induction/ Refresher Programme on Teaching and Research with Technology AICTE-ISTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs.3,00,000 2018
23 Three online STTPs on Additive manufacturing of multi-functional Nanocomposites AICTE, New Delhi Dr.K.Balamurugan Rs.2,79,000 2021

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